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Multiple pop ups with Pritunl and OTP

When using pritunl and Viscosity (latest beta - 1.7.13b2 and older), unless I have "Use Username/Password Authentication" checked, I get multiple pop ups on connect. The only way one can get rid of the pop ups is to quit viscosity altogether and restart it.

Hi bek99,

Thank you very much for the bug report. This should now be fixed in the latest beta version of Viscosity.

I updated to beta 3 and my vpn connections ceased to connect with OTP at that point. They would try to connect and then drop. I have reverted back to the release version for right now.
Thanks bek99. An updated beta version is available.

Latest beta installed. It connects in general again which is good, but the OTP popups still happen, just slower. Username/Pass is no problem, nor is OTP code when prompted, they just hang out and wait. Happy to try to debug more if you'd like, let me know what else I can do.
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