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Dark mode fixups? (Mojave)

Just wanted to know if any Mojave dark-mode fixes were in the works? There are a few small rough spots in the GUI

  • some of the menu icon choices have mask errors (clipped edges on either the top or right sides) -- e.g. "Leopard Gray".
  • when pulling down the Visc menu, the icon to the left of each connection will appear in bright white, but as you roll your mouse over them, it switches to a dark icon - just looks wrong
  • there's no dark mode at all in the app's main GUI
  • in dark mode the the text on the right hand side of the "details" popup window is too low contrast and very hard to read

Love Viscosity! and hope to see a few of these fixed in an upcoming version
Hi luckman212,

Thanks for the feedback - it's much appreciated. Some of these issues have been addressed in the current beta version of Viscosity, although there are still a few small issues we want to resolve before getting another full update out the door: ... -versions/

Sounds good! Much appreciated :)
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