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Viscosity 1.7.8 disconnects intermittently, asks for user/pw


After upgrade to Viscosity 1.7.8 on my Mac 10.13.3 High Sierra I noticed that Viscosity started to disconnect from time to time, bringing up the dialog to provide username and password to connect to my VPN provider again and again. I always tick the "store credentials in keychain", but it does not help. After I quit the app and start over again, I would be able to connect. The logs showed something "unable to read askpasswd" - unfortunately I did not save the exact text and now they are gone.

I tried going back to Viscosity 1.7.7 by copying the app over from one of my other Macs, but upon launch it says "Viscosity detected its helper tool needs to be installed" and after pressing "install" and providing credentials for the admin access, it complains that it failed to install the helper tool. So I had to reinstall the 1.7.8 again.

Could you advise whether there is a bug in 1.7.8 and where I can download the 1.7.7 version to test if that's really the issue with the latest version?

Thank you,
Hi Roman,

If you wish to downgrade to Viscosity 1.7.7 it's necessary to first manually uninstall the newer helper (it's not necessary to uninstall anything else, such as your settings or connections). You can then run 1.7.7 and/or older versions as normal. Instructions for uninstalling the helper can be found at: ... osity-mac/

However the changes in Viscosity 1.7.8 and OpenVPN 2.4.5 are unlikely to be causing your issue. It sounds likely the remote server could be sending an AUTH_FAILED message, or the connection is being terminated as it's not reachable. If it happens again please bring up a copy of the connection log and either paste the full log in a reply here, or email it to us, and we'll take a look at what is going on. ... envpn-log/

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