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Connecting to two different OpenVPN servers at the same time


I am not a guru on networking neither VPNs but I am facing the following issue:

I have TWO VPNs. Each one allows me to ssh a series of servers and connect to a DB server. I want to be connected to both so I can easily do my work.

Server 1:
ssh: 192.170.20.*

Server 2:
ssh: 192.120.15.*

When I connect, I can reach only the server for the first connection made, so I know everything is going there, even when I set each VPN connection like:

Connection 1:
DNS Settings: Split DNS


Connection 2:
DNS Settings: Split DNS

Please don't laugh too much about my question.... :) and your time and help is greatly appreciated.

Juan Luna
Hi Juan,

It sounds likely both are either set to route all traffic through them, or they're both using the same IP ranges for the VPN subnet, so it results in a route clash.

You should make sure that both servers are using a different IP range internally (e.g. not both on 10.8.0.x etc.), and that they're only pushing out the routes needed to access the subnets your SSH server/s are on (i.e. don't push redirect-gateway if not needed).

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