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--auth-user-pass fails with '...' Permission denied

It seems that recently Viscosity --auth-user-pass stopped option stopped working and i am not sure if this was caused by a change in Viscosity 1.7.8b3 or MacOS 10.13.3.

Connection fails silently and on the logs I can see this error:

Options error: --auth-user-pass fails with '/Users/johndoe/.cache/.ovpn-credentials': Permission denied

This worked fine for more than an year but now I doesn't work anymore. I checked the permissions of on the file and they look ok, did a "cat <path>" as jonhndoe and root user and both are able to read it.

Any idea what could be causing it? Which user is used by Viscosity when reading this file?
Hi sbarnea,

OpenVPN is run as the "_viscosity" user in the latest beta versions. Permissions will need to be adjusted on the file for read access.

Hi James, when will this beta version go to full release btw? I'm just curious.
Hi Graff,

We don't have a firm date, but depending on feedback and bug reports it'll likely be in the next couple of weeks.

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