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Viscosity disconnects on close of laptop lid

I have OS X set to not sleep when I close the laptop lid when on power. And this works in that I can stay ssh'd in over the wireless link when the lid is closed.

However, Viscosity still takes down the VPN connection in this case, and doesn't reconnect until I open the lid again.

This is Viscosity 1.7.6 (1425) on MacOS Sierra 10.12.6

Hi johnlevon,

Viscosity will only disconnect a connection if it receives a sleep notification from the operating system, or if the network connection is disconnected.

I'd recommend double-checking that your network connection isn't becoming disconnected when you close the lid, for example something like linked below. Please be aware that depending on the ClientAliveInterval/TCPKeepAlive setting on the SSH server a SSH session can remain active for quite some time even if the network is disconnected. ... ck-the-mac

If sleep notifications are still being sent to applications (unlikely if this is a macOS setting, possible if this is a third-party tool doing something exotic to prevent sleeps) I'm afraid there is nothing that can be done.

It is definitely only Viscosity that loses its network connection (i.e. I can still ls, etc. inside an ssh session to the laptop). Sounds like you are getting a kIOMessageSystemWillSleep notification or similar even though the system doesn't actually sleep :/
Check this out,, hope it helps

Keep Your MacBook Awake with the Display Closed; ... d-0158152/
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