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Can't route single application over local network only

My media server (Mac mini running macOS Sierra) is configured to use Viscosity through NordVPN along with things like Sonarr, QBittorrent, etc. This all works just fine. The problem I have is with an application called StreamBaby. It's a realtime transcoding/streaming server for use with TiVo DVRs. If the VPN is connected, StreamBaby is unable to communicate with the TiVo (and vice versa). As soon as I disconnect from the VPN, it works properly again.

I've read the article on routing traffic for specific applications ( ... lications/) but I can't get it to work. I don't really understand what it's asking for... for example you enter an IP address, but what IP? Surely not the address of the server itself since that would be self-evident would it not? In that case I assume it means the IP of the remote machine that is trying to communicate, but when I put in the IP of my TiVo, nothing changes and StreamBaby still doesn't work. This has been plaguing me ever since I bought Viscosity/Nord last year, and I really would like to finally solve the issue. Any suggestions anyone?
Nothing? Anybody?
Hi kheldar,

It sounds like you've tried the right move (adding a route to explicitly set traffic to your TiVo to go outside of the VPN connection). As that didn't appear to help I'm afraid it's likely that your streaming application (StreamBaby) is doing some exotic. It may be trying to detect the primary network interface itself (which would be your VPN connection's network interface) and only attaching itself and/or broadcasting on it. It's also possible DNS may be coming into play - I'm afraid I have no experience with TiVo devices so I don't know what may be going on behind the scenes.

Having a quick glance at StreamBaby's settings on its wiki, I think the best place to start would be to configure the "ip" parameter to use your server's local network IP address, which should hopefully force it to bind to the correct network interface. If that doesn't help I'd recommend reaching out to the developer and asking how it handles multiple network interfaces.

Much appreciated! I am already using my server's direct local IP, so that hasn't changed anything. It's not the most supported project in the world but I'll see what I can do. Thanks...
So initial guess as to the issue is that it's related to multicast. Do you have anything you can share about how Viscosity handles mDNS?
Hi kheldar,

Multicast networking should still work fine as long as the software is using the correct network interface for broadcasting. mDNS/Bonjour is different from normal multicast, however Viscosity does not make any changes in relation to mDNS. If you are sure the issue is with your software using the wrong interface for mDNS resolution, you could potentially trying using a tool like mdns-repeater to repeat the broadcasts on the correct interface.

Thanks, frankly I'm not sure of anything... just trying to work this out with folks who are more knowledgable about my application in particular. Thanks, will see what they say to this!
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