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Strange New IPV6 Warning

Suddenly I am getting a new warning in my client side log:

WARNING: OpenVPN was configured to add an IPv6 route over utun6. However, no IPv6 has been configured for this interface, therefore the route installation may fail or may not work as expected.

This wasn't there before and I see no way to disable it....server is set to UDP IPv4

Thanks for any insight.
Hi rdsmith24,

It sounds likely that your connection has the "Send all traffic over VPN connection" item selected for the "All Traffic" option (under the Networking tab when editing your connection). This will attempt to direct both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic through the VPN connection. The warnings you're receiving are harmless, however to get rid of them you can select the "Send all IPv4 traffic over VPN connection" option instead (or select Automatic and leave it to the server).

Thanks, that was it...
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