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Uncheck "Enable IPv6" option


I am using Viscosity (1.7.5) on Mac and have used the OpenVPN configuration files provide by PIA to set up certain VPN connections. I have noticed that the option "Enable IPv6" is selected and grayed out on the General Tab of these connections. How do I uncheck this (after un-graying it out of course)?

Thank you in advance

PS. IPv6 is disabled on a system level; I am just paranoid
Hi apostolos1975,

As of OpenVPN 2.4 IPv6 is always enabled for tun connections. Whether your connection is actually set up to support IPv6 is another thing: most VPN Service Providers still don't support IPv6.

From a security and privacy standpoint having IPv6 traffic go through the VPN connection is a good thing. You might be confusing the option with the possibility of IPv6 leaks, which Viscosity has a feature to help prevent. Please see: ... -dns-leaks

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