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Grouping Connections in Menubar Dropdown

Hey guys,

This is a very basic question but I'm hoping to get a definitive answer on it as I can't seem to find an answer on the self help section of the website. Does the Viscosity client support grouping of connections similar to the way folders/directories would work for bookmarks in a web browser?

I have a VPN account with PIA and when I import their connections, where are many connections that display on the menubar dropdown for the different locations around the world ~35 connections. It would be nice if I could create folders called Americas / Europe / Middle East / Asia and when I hover over these folders, it shows me the connections in each one.

Perhaps the simple answer here is that this is not supported, but I thought it was worth asking.

Hi Brendan,

Viscosity does support organising connections into folders. You can create a new folder by opening the Preferences window, make sure the Connections tab is selected, click the + button and select New Folder. You can then drag and drop connections into the folder.

Wow, feeling pretty silly that I couldn't find that one by myself. Thanks for the answer James.
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