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Connect to MySQL

Since I upgrade Viscosity to version 1.7.4, I cannot connect to MySQL server using MySQL Workbench version 6.3.9 through VPN. It was OK with Viscosity 1.6.8.
Somebody else having this problem?
Hi surya.adipranata,

I recommend getting in touch with your VPN Provider in this instance - you may need to download updated configuration/s from them to ensure your connection's settings are up to date and compatible with OpenVPN 2.4: ... ovider-is/

If you're unable to send any traffic through the VPN connection, not just MySQL traffic, then you're likely running into a compression mis-match: ... ader-byte/

Finally, if you're still stuck, more information should be available in the connection log: ... envpn-log/

After I discuss with my office' network admin, I changed 'compression' setting to LZO from Automatic.
It went well since
Thank you
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