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Facetime Calls not possible, when Viscosity is connected


I am trying out Viscosity and it seems to have the same issue as tunnelblick.
Once I am connected to a VPN Server, I am no longer able to connect to FaceTime (Audio/Video) Calls.

Why is that?
Hi sdz,

Viscosity fully supports FaceTime and other iCloud services over a VPN connection. It sounds likely that either the VPN Server you are connecting to is blocking FaceTime calls, or Apple has blocked access from the VPN server.

The latter isn't uncommon when using a commercial VPN Service Provider, as some malicious users may have used the same VPN server in the past to commit fraud or send spam, resulting in Apple blacklisting it. FaceTime can also run into issues if restrictive NAT rules are in place.

I recommend contacting your VPN Provider for more information: ... ovider-is/

Hi James,

I doubt that this is the case.

If I configure the VPN Provider on my Router directly, Facetime Calls etc. work perfectly.

Somehow many others experience same issue:
> ... rough_vpn/
> ... t-over-vpn
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