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Re-entering credentials (1.7b2)


my VPN credentials for the openVPN server I connect to are tied to my Active Directory account credentials with that company, where I have to change the password every three months. After such a change, the next VPN connections fails because the new password has not yet been entered for the connection in Viscosity.

Up to (probably?) version 1.7bx of Viscosity, when the connection failed, I got (re-)presented with a dialog that requested my full credentials (incl. password), where I then could enter the new password and continue. Viscosity seemed to update the password in the Apple keychain as a consequence.

As of 1.7b2 (that's where it first happened), that dialog for re-entering the credentials does no longer appear on a connection failure. Instead, only the dialog for entering the request for my Google Authenticator code (openVPN: "static-challenge" option) shows, which of course is not sufficient because it was not an error on the static challenge, but the wrong password from the Keychain Viscosity still uses.

1. Would it be possible to re-instate the request for the full credentials when connection fails? Can Viscosity detect from the server's error message whether it was a wrong static challenge response, or an error with the password and act accordingly?

2. How does one re-enter a connection's credentials in 1.7, without going into Keychain and deleting the (hopefully correct) entries for the profile in question to be presented with the credentials dialog again in Viscosity on connect?

Hi kriro,

Thanks for the report - much appreciated. We've implemented a fix and it'll be available in the next beta update (which should be later today).

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