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Hello everyone,

I just brought home a NAS Server, a WD My Cloud to be more specific in case that matters to my question, which is this:

When I connect the NAS to my router while having a VPN connection on, will the connections to and from the NAS go through the VPN or not? If they do, is it possible to route all those connections off of the VPN? I mean, I would like to have all other stuff going through the VPN, but the NAS to go through my regular connection.

I'm not that good with all this, so please excuse if I'm using improper lingo to describe what I mean, which I hope is good enough for anyone out there to understand :)

Thank you so much.
Hi anamorphis,

If the NAS is on your local network, then by default traffic to it will not go through the VPN connection while connected. If you do need to explicitly exclude certain traffic from the VPN connection instructions can be found at: ... al-network

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