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Split DNS (non-urgent) and no internet

This was a problem now sorted by a re-boot but I'm interested in what might have been going on.

I was using a private WiFi connection away from home (through Viscosity on Mac) - all fine. Returned home and my own WiFi and connected to VPN fine but then nothing on internet would work. Tried quite a few different servers all the same. The "Details" identified the cause as
WARNING: Split DNS is being used however no DNS domains are present. The DNS server/s for this connection may not be used. For more information please see: ... e-present/

I checked the help URL (and didn't understand it as I don't use Split DNA and thus have no idea what they are.

Re-booted the Mac and everything returned to being fine again (which is "DNS mode set to: Full").

(latest release versions of everything on macOS)

Many thanks
Hi StuartM,

By default the DNS Mode for a connection is Automatic, where Viscosity will decide whether it should be Full or Split mode depending on your connection's settings (in particular whether all traffic is routed over the VPN connection). This mode can be overridden by the VPN server. More information can be found at: ... #dns-modes

As Viscosity opted for Split DNS mode, and assuming this mode wasn't manually set, it either means the VPN server you connected to was overriding the DNS mode, or more likely, all traffic wasn't being routed over the VPN connection (i.e. the VPN server didn't push the redirect-gateway command, or something on your computer prevented the necessary routes being created). If it's the latter OpenVPN should have also displayed warnings in the OpenVPN log about being unable to create the routes.

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