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How to disable hostname reconfiguration on vpn connection

It seems that once Viscosity for Mac establish a connection the hostname is reconfigured to something like "OVPN-117-91" which is picked based on the IP address of the VPN.

I do want to disable this functionality as I want to keep my hostname stable and to float to random values on each VPN connection.

I observed that the value is loaded inside NetBIOS Name field in System Preferences > Network configuration but as soon I change it it reverts. I even tried to change the DHCP Client ID but it seems to have no effect, again when the VPN is updated this is overridden.

I do have few extra commands configured but none related to hostname.

Code: Select all

cipher AES-256-CBC
reneg-sec 0
ping-exit 120
route-delay 5
topology subnet
Hi sbarnea,

If the VPN connection is a bridged TAP connection using a DHCP server, then the hostname set by the DHCP user will be used (if the VPN is set up to route all traffic). This is configurable via DHCP Option 12 ("Host Name") on your DHCP server.

macOS can also get the hostname from reverse DNS on the assigned IP address. To prevent this simply do not set up a reverse DNS entry for the VPN assigned IP address. It's highly unlikely a reverse DNS entry is being set unless you have set up a custom DNS server that's creating DNS entries for DHCP assigned IPs.

You can also override macOS's behaviour to set a fixed hostname. The page linked below has some relevant information on how to do this: ... request-on

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