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Viscosity 1.6.8 on El Capitan 10.11.6 UI freezing

Viscosity starts just fine and connects to my VPN (I can access VPN resources) but the icon never turns green and the UI freezes with the mouse cursor spinning.

In Console I see log entries "non-configd process attempting to modify" and then lists a sparklabs.tap interface as in this post: viewtopic.php?t=1648

If the network drops I have to restart the computer and start over again and see the same result.

Please help!
Hi Quinn.steven,

It sounds likely that OpenVPN is emitting a huge amount of log messages (most likely a repeating error message) that Viscosity is maxing out attempting to process. I'd recommend opening up Viscosity's Details window before attempting to connect, ensure your connection is the one selected, and then set the view to the Log view. Then, when attempting to connect, keep an eye on the log and see what messages are appearing before everything hangs. ... envpn-log/

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