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viscosity 1.6.8 update via sparkle shows error

checking for updates from 1.6.7 brings up a sparkle update error.


SparkleUpdateLog.log just has:

2017-01-17 20:13:28 +0000: ===== Viscosity =====
2017-01-17 20:13:28 +0000: Error: An error occurred in retrieving update information. Please try again later. Could not connect to the server. (URL ... viscosity/)

That's odd, visiting that URL in the browser just works.
Hi solstice,

It could indicate that your computer's global network settings differ from that of your web browser's (e.g. your web browser uses a proxy to connect to the internet but one is not configured globally in System Preferences), or it could indicate that recent TLS versions are being blocked. I recommend updating manually instead - simply quit Viscosity and copy the newer version over the top:

This was related to Little Snitch rules. So error on my part. Please consider this solved and thanks for the reply.
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