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Mac os keychain certificate

I would like to know, if it is possible to use Viscosity with certificate laying in mac os keychain?
Hi dondimon,

I'm afraid not at this stage - certificate and keys have to be stored as files. However Keychain integration is something that we are working towards, and so something you're likely to see available in a future update.

hey James,

is there any ETA for login keychain certificate feature? it's critical feature for my company and we would like to buy 2k+ licenses when it will be implemented in Viscosity.

please, give me a hope :)
Hi defiler,

It is something we have slated for a 2.0 release. The Keychain changes coming in Mavericks (in particular the iCloud integration) mean that we'll also need to be careful how we approach any such implementation. I'm afraid there is no ETA on a 2.0 version at this stage - we're still heavily committed to supporting the current 1.x release.


i'd like to know if there's any news with certificates stored in the keychain?
this seems to be an essential feature for me...

Hi lonczy,

I'm afraid a 2.0 version isn't something we're working on at this stage.

So. Its been 4 years.
Any updates on using certificate stored in keychain?
Hi Ikabott,

I'm afraid there is nothing to report at this stage. A 2.0 version is not something we have available.

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