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Network teardown on dropped connection

I was using a previous version of viscosity on OS10.6. I followed a tip from this forum to set the preferences to teardown the network if the vpn connection dropped. The settings were as follows

Click the small "+" button to add a new route. Enter "" as the Route/IP, "" as the mask, "vpn_gateway" as the Gateway, and leave the Metric field blank. Click Add.

Now I am on Sierra with Viscosity 1.7 and I noticed that the network stays up when the vpn is dropped. I checked the prefs and they are exactly the same as in Snow Leopard.

Any ideas how to restore the functionallity, thanks.
Hi oxcart,

Yes, I'm afraid the "routing technique" option no longer works in newer versions. However we have an alternative (and better) solution documented in the following support article that you can adopt instead: ... fic-leaks/

Thanks, I'll get right on it.
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