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Viscosity Port Forwarding Applescript

James wrote:
Hi SpookyCow,

I'm afraid there isn't anything more that we can add that I haven't already mentioned.

What you're experiencing is a routing issue. Your VPN connection is most likely being routed into itself or packets to the VPN server are otherwise being prevented from leaving your computer. If the errors are occurring immediately after connecting then it points to a VPN configuration issue. If it's happening after being connected for a period of time then it points to something on your computer changing network settings that is having an impact on the connection. If it's the latter, and you've performed all of the troubleshooting steps to eliminate other software making changes, the only suggestion left I can offer is to backup all of your files and perform a clean install of macOS.

If an unsafe command is present in your configuration it will be listed in the error message in the log. Please see: ... -detected/


The problem is the disconnects can happen within a minute or an hour. The only other app that even interacts with the network connection is Little Snitch. But, I've been using it just as long as I've been using Viscosity. And yes, the Little Snitch rules are setup correctly for the VPN/Viscosity connection. I just don't understand what changed Since Mac OS 11.x and/or Viscosity 1.6.7, which I could run overnight or days at a time without worrying about being disconnected. And not once had I ever saw a buffer error before then. The built in log doesn't report an errors about my OpenVPN commands, but I have to set Viscosity to allow unsafe commands. And every new version of a Mac OS release I actually do a clean install. Is there a way to enable a debug mode in Viscosity? Or is there somewhere I should be looking in the console logs to try and figure out what was going on?

Edit: I also wanted to let you know if I'm connected to the VPN and just idle or surfing, the disconnects don't occur. But, if I use almost full bandwidth that's when the disconnects really start happening. And I'm on a Fiber connection with a stable connection to my router.
Hi SpookyCow,

I'm afraid there is nothing further in the way of support we can offer - we've exhausted all options.

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