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Mac10.12.2 Viscosity 1.6.7

I installed Viscosity 1.6.7 on mac Sierra 10.12.2, when i try to open the app, i don't see it. I find it in the activity monitor though.

In the logs i don't see any errors. In the messages i see repeated entries of below
default 11:52:09.628982 -0800 Viscosity CSSM Exception: -2147411889 CSSMERR_CL_UNKNOWN_TAG

Looked in the forum but did not find any relevant info. Any help is greatly appreciated
Hi sajoy,

A common mistake we see is people expecting that Viscosity will display an icon in the dock. Viscosity will not display an icon in the dock, however it should display a small icon in your menu bar (top right near the clock). Clicking on this should bring up the Viscosity menu.

If you're sure this icon isn't appearing, then the Console error you're seeing likely points to a problem with the security framework on the machine. The error message could indicate that Gatekeeper's checking the code signing on Viscosity is failing, the code sign checking on Viscosity's Helper is failing, or that Viscosity is unable to create TLS/SSL sockets (however the latter shouldn't stop it from launching).

I'd recommend doing a compete uninstall (using the instructions in the article linked below) and reinstall. If Viscosity is still unable to launch it likely points to a serious problem with Gatekeeper or the Keychain on the system and a reinstall of macOS is recommended. ... osity-mac/

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